Helping ENERGE Stabilise the Slovakian Grid on the Path to Decarbonisation

Battery energy storage system ENERGE
End User Energe
Industry Energy assets operator
Location Svedernik, SK
Assets on site Podium EMS / Wattstor BESS
Battery (BESS) 1500kW / 1620kWh
Time of delivery 5 months

Helping ENERGE stabilise the Slovakian grid on the path to decarbonisation.

ENERGE is a Slovakian renewable energy producer, aggregator and service provider specialising in biogas and solar PV.It offers cutting-edge solutions. These solutions optimize grid performance and accelerate the transition to renewable sources. The company is committed to supporting Slovakia’s ambitious decarbonisation targets.

To ensure grid stability as more renewable energy projects go online, ENERGE needed to deploy a large battery storage system near Žilina, in Svedernik. Its purpose is to support frequency containment reserve (FCR).

FCR is an ancillary service that balances the energy grid in seconds. It’s used when there’s a sudden increase in demand or drop in supply. This can occur with increased reliance on intermittent renewables.In these cases, reserve power is quickly injected into the grid  – or withdrawn from it – to restore balance and stabilise the grid’s frequency.

Slovakia aims to increase the percentage of renewables in its energy mix. These systems are crucial for decarbonizing the grid. They maintain stability without compromise.

The challenge: overcoming a complex certification process

To deploy its new battery energy storage system (BESS), ENERGE had to go through a strict and thorough certification process. Only certified energy assets can be used for FCR, and the application process is complex and time-consuming. As a consequence, ENERGE needed an experienced partner that could help them submit the required documentation and prepare for testing.  

ENERGE also wanted a future-proof system that could be leveraged not only for FCR, but also for other ancillary services. 


  • Implement a large battery storage system to support FCR
  • Obtain an “ancillary services – FCR” certification for the system
  • Future-proof the system to ensure its suitability for further ancillary services

Our approach: a powerful BESS and support to cut through red tape

Wattstor successfully designed and implemented a cutting-edge 1.5MW/1.6MWh battery storage system commissioned specifically to be integrated into the FCR ancillary service. 

The combination of ENERGE’s digital platform and Wattstor’s energy management system (EMS), Podium, provided the necessary data to allow the team to prepare for the complex certification process – leading to full certification and asset deployment in a matter of weeks. 

“Our expertise in testing was key to the success of this project,” explained Patrik Pinkoš, Head of European Sales at Wattstor. “We have developed a tried and tested approach to ensure our projects will pass and obtain the required certifications. Clients who rely on us for this type of project are in safe hands.”

Currently, the system only handles FCR, but we may deploy it in the future to handle a mix of other ancillary services as well.

”Wattstor tackled complex certification challenges head-on, ensuring the BESS met stringent Slovakian standards,” commented Matus Melis, Project Manager at ENERGE. “We’re confident this system will deliver on its promise throughout 2024.”


  • Installation of a 1.5MW/1.6MWh BESS
  • Support with the complex system testing and certification process

Results: full certification of battery storage system for ancillary services and deployment at record times

The Wattstor team tested the entire system and obtained full certification within a matter of weeks, making it ready for deployment for FCR.

“This is our first FCR system in Slovakia, but we have more in the pipeline,” ensured Pinkoš. “With certification for this model in hand and partnership with ENERGE, future deployments will be even quicker and smoother.” 

The system’s capabilities ensure that it is future-proof, with potential for future deployment in a range of further ancillary services. This is because the battery storage deployed by Wattstor can meet the requirements of different ancillary services, allowing it to quickly adapt to a changing environment.

Moreover, Wattstor implements Podium EMS to provide insights into wholesale market fluctuations. ENERGE can manage the system accordingly to ensure grid stability.

Finally, the project solidified the partnership between Wattstor and ENERGE, opening the door for future collaborations. 

“The collaboration with Wattstor represents a significant step forward in our mission to provide innovative energy solutions and services,” commented Oliver Zuskin, co-founder of ENERGE. “Our own digital platform, equipped with a virtual terminal for ancillary services and connected to Wattstor’s BESS, will enable us to optimise grid performance and contribute to a more resilient and sustainable energy infrastructure in Slovakia.”

The project’s success contributes significantly to Slovakia’s decarbonisation ambitions. It will enable more renewable power to enter the grid, without compromising its stability. 

To learn more about how Wattstor is supporting the booming Slovakian energy market, read this interview. For questions and potential collaborations, get in touch with Patrik Pinkoš.

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