Wattstor and ENERGE Collaborate in Slovakia

Wattstor Successfully Deploys Large Battery Energy Storage System for Ancillary Services in Slovakia

Press Release: Feb 2nd, 2024: Wattstor Energe Collaboration

Wattstor and ENERGE are proud to announce their collaborative deployment of battery storage for ancillary services in Slovakia. Slovakia’s grid just got a boost of stability and innovation thanks to Wattstor’s pioneering 1.5 MW / 1.6 MWh battery energy storage system (BESS), the first of many projects planned for deployment in 2024. By securing this major milestone, Wattstor paves the way for its partner, ENERGE, to benefit financially from both system availability and activation events.

The Wattstor system was commissioned specifically for deployment into the Frequency Containment Reserve (FCR) ancillary service, a market designed to support grid stability and decarbonisation goals. Only certified energy assets can enter the FCR, and the application process for this can often be time-consuming and technical. The combination of ENERGE’s digital platform, Wattstor’s energy management system and technical expertise led to full certification and asset deployment within a matter of weeks.


Wattstor Energe collaboration

Inside the Wattstor battery container

“Wattstor tackled complex certification challenges head-on, ensuring the BESS met stringent Slovakian standards,”
says Matus Melis, Project Manager at ENERGE. “We’re confident this system will deliver on its promise throughout 2024.”

How the battery works

Standalone BESS units act as shock absorbers for the grid. They rapidly inject or withdraw power to compensate for fluctuations caused by renewable energy sources, like wind and solar. This maintains frequency stability, preventing blackouts and ensuring reliable power delivery.

With Slovakia aiming for ambitious renewable energy targets, these systems are crucial. Integrating more clean energy without compromising grid stability won’t happen without them. The BESS contributes directly to decarbonization goals by enabling wider renewable energy adoption.

Future plans: Wattstor Energe collaboration

Wattstor plans to collaborate with ENERGE on more projects, adding to their tally of over 100 projects and more than 60 MWh already delivered across Europe. “This is just the beginning,” notes Patrik Pinkos, Head of European Sales at Wattstor. “With certification for this model in hand and partnership with ENERGE, future deployments will be quicker and smoother.”

Wattstor’s pioneering success reflects the growing need for grid flexibility as Slovakia embraces renewable energy sources. “FCR is vital for maintaining grid stability with more renewables coming online,” Pinkos adds. “Our BESS technology is poised to play a key role in this exciting energy transition. What’s more, the recent introduction of Slovakia’s standalone BESS subsidy, makes this region a very attractive place to do business.”

Oliver Zuskin, co-founder of ENERGE:

“The collaboration with Wattstor represents a significant step forward in our mission to provide innovative energy solutions and services. Our own digital platform equipped with a truly virtual terminal for ancillary services connected to Wattstor BESS will enable us to optimise grid performance and contribute to a more resilient and sustainable energy infrastructure in Slovakia.”


Wattstor is an energy tech company committed to removing all obstacles to the clean energy transition. It provides everything businesses and communities need to generate, store and manage their onsite renewable electricity: from fully funded energy systems and battery storage, to a state-of-the-art EMS, Podium. With a team of industry-leading experts, Wattstor helps C&I companies to design, set up and integrate bespoke systems that slash energy costs, overcome grid constraints and minimise carbon emissions. 

With over 100 projects delivered across the UK, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Croatia, Wattstor is an ideal partner for battery energy storage projects.

ENERGE is a green energy producer, aggregator, and service provider in the energy sector. ENERGE deliver cutting-edge solutions that optimise grid performance and contribute to a sustainable energy future. By investing in renewable energy sources, ENERGE contributes to a greener and more sustainable energy landscape.

Press Contact: Amy Wilson, Head of Strategic Propositions at Wattstor.

Download a copy of the press release here.

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Amy Wilson, Wattstor

Amy Wilson

Head of Strategic Propositions

Amy brings 15 year's experience in sales, marketing and communications to Wattstor, where she plays a central role in proposition development. Her experience leading teams at the Carbon Trust, Kiwi Power, and Building Energy Experts, combined with studies in Environmental Science and Business Management make her an invaluable asset.