Empowering Energy Freedom

Businesses and communities are pushing for their energy to be more sustainable, less costly, and better optimised towards markets...

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Sophisticated, flexible energy management technology is the key, Wattstor is your partner.

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Paving the path to net-zero

Wattstor paves the path to net-zero in collaboration with installers and project developers to deliver benefits to businesses and communities, including:

  • Reduced energy costs through peak shaving and dynamic tariffs for import and export
  • Reduced CO2 impact by maximising the consumption of on-site renewable generation and storage
  • Maximised electricity generation, storage and consumption within grid constraints, avoiding hefty penalties.
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It all starts on-site

Wattstor specialises in managing assets on business sites and within local energy communities. It’s this specialism, along with our EMS-first approach, that ensures sites are in safe hands. Whilst automating energy storage, generation and consumption for the best ROI, sites stay totally in control by setting their parameters upfront, and can override decisions at any point. Your peace of mind is our priority.

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Future-proof EMS

No matter how a project begins, whether small or large, Wattstor’s platform enables growth.

Whether that’s adding more generation, storage, expanding a site’s operational assets or adding EV charging.

This ties in with Wattstor’s tiered, value-led, approach to EMS. End-users only pay for the functionality they need. As their site evolves, our platform and pricing model grows with them, ensuring they always get the right solution for their site at the best value.

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