Wattstor is a pioneer in the renewable energy sector. We make complicated innovative technology simple, easy to install, enjoyable, clean and aesthetically appealing. Our own intelligent management unit (iMP) has been designed to manage energy and especially renewable energy in several applications. With three years dedicated to research and development, Wattstor´s smart and sustainable solutions have proven their value in practice, and they can be deployed in the field quickly and without excessive entry costs.

A solution just for you

While our unique power management unit is capable of managing big power plants, we have also implemented them into homes and smaller-medium enterprises, keeping in mind the rapidly evolving trends of energy generation and distribution.

Manage ALL your energy

Wattstor empowers home and business owners maximize the solar or wind energy they produce, instead of redirecting excess energy into the grid. Our iMP solution monitors the energy usage and allows the user to decide on their energy allocation and energy storage, so it can be easily accessed and used to withstand shortages or periods of intense use.

Future Proof

Our unit iMP with it´s software system can be upgraded with new features, without the need to rebuild the system from scratch. Our approach is intended to save you money while ensuring that your electricity storage remains up to date. iMP is already deployed across residential and commercial locations, with the ability to accept future software updates.

With a few details about your home or business, we can illustrate the potential savings on your energy spend.

Wattstor is an award-winning expert in the design and installation of bespoke renewable energy systems for both domestic and commercial customers.