KD Energo: EMS & Battery at Scale

Battery energy storage system at KD Energo
End User KD Energo
Industry Local distribution network operator
Location Beroun, CZ
Assets on site Podium EMS / Wattstor BESS / Solar PV
Battery (BESS) 528kW / 648kWh
Time of delivery 3 months

Wattstor partnered with Ista Solar to create a battery and solar system for an electricity distribution network. The seamless solution delivered intelligent storage to ensure electricity was transmitted within grid constraints, avoiding high penalties.

About the client

KD Energo is a network distribution company in the Czech Republic. The main activity of the company is the production, distribution and sale of energy in the industrial area in Králové Dvór and its immediate surroundings.

  • ENERGO KD is connected from the Tetín substation at the 110kV level.
  • Two 22 kV lines with a transmission capacity of 22 MW lead from the Tetín substation.
  • The supply lines are led to the input substation with three transformers 22 / 5.25 kV, 6.3 MVA.
  • A backup line with a transmission capacity of 2 MW is available.

KD Energo

Our solar partner – Ista Solar

Ista Solar builds custom-made power plants from cutting-edge technologies with a combined 25-year warranty for the entire system. The long service life and full functionality of the system will ensure the production of electricity for decades.

The project

The customer has a local distribution system, where they have high peak-demands and therefore the customer has to pay for higher reserved capacity or face penalties for crossing the reserved capacity.

Customers wanted to reduce monthly payments for reserved capacity and avoid the risk of paying the penalties.

We have delivered our battery storage system with the EMS that uses Peak-Shaving application to control actual demand of electricity and inject power from batteries whenever is needed to avoid demand peaks.

Battery storage

Wattstor installed the solution over the course of 2 days in 2 separate phases. We worked with ISTA Solar, who did the physical installation. Wattstor provided them with easy energy storage with EMS that provides various applications that can fit the required business case. We have covered the logistics of the project, helped with the design and commissioned the system on site which saved a lot of time and effort for our partner.

5 Years

anticipated payback

2 days



project size

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