On-demand Webinar: Transforming Energy: Trading Uncertainty for Opportunity

Webinar: Transforming Energy: Trading Uncertainty for Opportunity

The wholesale electricity market can be an intimidating place for a mid-sized business, especially when you have a thousand other business priorities to contend with. You’ve heard about wholesale electricity trading, you may even have some generation and storage already on site, but you’re not sure how to maximise the opportunities available, or even what they all are.

During the session, you will learn:

  • About the changing and challenging landscape
    – For sites
    – For suppliers
  • Volatility – what is it and how is it affecting businesses
  • Creating a future-proof on-site energy eco-system
  • Unlocking value in uncertain times
  • Selecting the right contract and technology
  • Breaking through grid constraints
  • Case studies
  • Key take aways

Wattstor and Bryt Energy have collaborated to deliver a powerful combination of EMS technology and electricity market access. This collaboration has resulted in a unique contract that enables industrial and commercial end-users to keep certainty on their import costs whilst being able to take advantage of the electricity market volatility. This is done by charging an on-site battery from the grid at times of low or negative pricing, and using or selling stored or generated energy at times of high pricing.

This offering is aimed at the mid-size industrial and commercial businesses that have been left out of the energy picture due to their size, yet have much to contribute to the green energy movement and much to gain from the savings opportunities.

Register your place at this webinar to learn how your business, or your clients’, can benefit from this revolutionary approach.

This webinar is for:

  • Mid-sized industrial and commercial businesses
  • Solar installers looking to partner and create a differentiated offering
  • TPIs looking to offer an innovative and risk-free option to their clients

Your hosts

Kevin Ball, Chief Commercial Officer, Wattstor

Kevin joined Wattstor as CCO following a 30+ year career in the energy sector. Starting at BP back in the 90’s as VP of new power development, Kevin has been pivotal in moving the energy dial towards where we find it now. With further career highlights including the delivery of some of the largest Biomass CHP plants in the UK, and closely aligning with the agricultural community in the UK to open the gateway to greener operations. Kevin’s background in engineering gives him the edge when it comes to understanding the moving parts of a project, making his point of view invaluable.

Stuart Taylor, Head of Energy Transition, Bryt Energy

Bryt Energy provides British businesses zero carbon, 100% renewable electricity, sourced solely from Solar, Wind and Hydro. Through pioneering products and services, Bryt Energy empowers businesses to create value from their electricity usage by optimising their consumption and challenging the way they interact with the electricity system. Bryt Energy is part of the Statkraft group.

With 16 years’ experience in the energy sector, Stuart previously spent 13 years at Gazprom Energy, laterally as Head of UK Sales & UK Sales Strategy as well as offering consultancy services for large investment groups & SPAC’s looking to enter the UK energy supply, consultancy & tech space.

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Webinar: Transforming Energy: Trading Uncertainty for Opportunity

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