WEBINAR: How To Maximise Solar & Minimise Grid Constraints

Ever wondered how a site can have so much solar with such restricting grid constraints?

That’s what we debunk in this webinar: how to maximise solar & minimise grid constraints

Grid constraints can cause headaches when trying to optimise on cost savings and sustainability. More often than not, the grid constraints make it seemingly impossible to have the amount of solar on site to deliver enough power for both cost efficient operations and to sell some back to the grid… That is unless you’re using a DC coupled system.

Wattstor’s pioneering system of EMS controlled DC/DC battery and solar enables businesses to add more solar than their grid connection would lead them to believe is possible. Learn how it works as the team showcase the technology enabling this revolutionary break-through, along with some live site case studies.

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In this session, our experts will cover:

  • What are the typical issues with grid constraints?
  • What is a DC coupled system? And how does it work?
  • What is the difference between DC and AC connected systems?
  • ROI: DC coupled system versus non-DC
  • How much solar can you really get on a site?
  • Case studies.

Your hosts:

Kevin Ball, Chief Commercial Officer at Wattstor

Kevin recently joined Wattstor as CCO following a 30+ year career in the energy sector. Starting at BP back in the 90’s as VP of new power development, Kevin has been pivotal in moving the energy dial towards where we find it now. With further career highlights including the delivery of some of the largest Biomass CHP plants in the UK, and closely aligning with the agricultural community in the UK to open the gateway to greener operations. All of this is underpinned by his formal training in engineering, giving Kevin the edge when it comes to understanding the moving parts of a project, and making him a powerhouse of knowledge.

Richard Tullett, Head of Delivery at Wattstor

If it’s technical detail you want, Richard is your chap. Richard’s abundant technical knowledge is borne of his decade+ immersion in the energy engineering space. Richard started out his career delivering technical solutions to support solar PV installers with battery and inverter technology, later diversifying out to technical diagnostics and maintenance delivery, before elevating his career further by leading the technical direction and delivery of sophisticated clean energy projects. An unrivalled technician, engineer and business leader in the energy space.

Webinar: How To Maximise Solar & Minimise Grid Constraints

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