Press Release: Bryt Energy & Wattstor Partner for Launch of MarketShield: Risk-Free Electricity Market Access for Mid-Size I&C

London UK – 19th June 2023 – Wattstor, the pioneer in intelligent energy management systems, and Bryt Energy, the zero carbon, 100% renewable electricity supplier that’s part of the Statkraft group, are proud to announce their partnership and new combined offering: MarketShield.

With a shared commitment to sustainability and a dedication to driving progress in sectors that haven’t generally had access to innovative transitional energy technologies, Wattstor and Bryt Energy are poised to revolutionise the way businesses generate, store, consume and trade their electricity.

Introducing MarketShield

Our partnership resulted in the launch of the collaborative offering “MarketShield”. “MarketShield” combines Bryt Energy’s zero carbon, 100% renewable electricity supply and unique access to electricity market revenue streams, alongside Wattstor’s pioneering optimisation technology to enable industrial and commercial end-users to take advantage of the electricity market volatility, whilst maintaining supply cost certainty. Whether businesses have batteries, solar, electric vehicles or other assets, they can be rewarded for adjusting their consumption in line with system needs.

We aim this offering at mid-size industrial and commercial businesses on fixed or flexible contracts. These businesses have often been left out of the energy picture due to their size, yet they have much to contribute to the net zero energy transition and much to gain from the savings opportunities.

Wattstor and Bryt Energy have had several clients sign up since its beta launch in Summer 2022, all of which have seen significant savings. One client, a hospitality setting in the UK, has so far seen a reduction in their energy bill of 70%, an equivalent to £248 per kW per year.

Stephan Marty, CEO at Wattstor, commented,

“We are thrilled to have forged this strategic partnership with Bryt Energy. Business end-user needs are evolving. The energy crisis has delivered catastrophic blows to mid-market I&C businesses, a sector that is often left behind when it comes to participating in energy initiatives. We are delighted to offer a solution that will help these businesses to reach both their environmental and financial goals.”

He continued,

“Many businesses don’t realise the scale of the opportunity in the energy markets. Our customers don’t want complex contracts, or technology that requires their input and maintenance. That’s why MarketShield works so seamlessly, everything is automated. This approach showcases that market access need not carry risk, and that sophisticated technologies such as Wattstor’s are very much accessible.”

Stuart Taylor, Head of Energy Transition at Bryt Energy, commented,

“The net zero energy transition is only achievable if we embrace technology and find new solutions. Flexibility is no longer just for large, industrial businesses in ancillary markets – it should and needs to be accessible to all. That’s why we’re excited to announce our partnership offering with Wattstor.

If your business has technologies such as solar, batteries, electric vehicles, HVAC or refrigeration, you could be sitting on untapped sources of flexibility that could be optimised to save you money, earn revenue, and play your part in the net zero energy transition.”

For further information on how this pioneering combination of technology and contract works, contact the team at Wattstor or Bryt Energy.

Press Contacts

Abigail Hulls, Head of Marketing, Wattstor.
[email protected] 07929 373484

About Wattstor

Wattstor empowers energy freedom. Businesses and communities are especially pushing for their energy to be more sustainable, less costly, and better optimised towards markets. So simple-yet-sophisticated flexible energy management technology is the key, Wattstor is the partner.

Wattstor is a pioneer in energy management systems. Our automated technology enables electricity end-users to harness the power of renewables, storage, load and EV charging.  It also delivers carbon-reduction and cost savings. We do this through intelligent control of onsite distributed energy resources, ensuring the best ROI within grid constraints, and maximising participation in electricity markets, all without risk.

About Bryt Energy

Part of the Statkraft group, Bryt Energy provides British businesses with zero carbon, 100% renewable electricity, sourced solely from Solar, Wind and Hydro.

Through pioneering products and services, we therefore empower businesses to create value from their electricity usage by optimising their consumption and challenging the way they interact with the electricity system.

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