On-Demand Webinar: Building the Business Case for Sustainable Energy

Webinar: The Business Case for Sustainable Energy | Wattstor

The energy landscape is volatile. Nothing has shown us this more than the recent price hikes in the UK and bold moves towards the green energy transition across Europe. But how can SMEs participate in sustainable energy whilst boosting their business?

This webinar explores how the often neglected SME sector can participate in sophisticated energy and sustainability programmes that, until now, have been typically reserved for large corporations…

What we’ll cover this session:

  • The energy landscape: The carbon reduction mandate
  • Making net-zero affordable and accessible for SMEs
  • The technologies driving the transition
  • Volatile electricity markets: Why they exist and how to take advantage
  • Myth busting: Reward without risk – is it really possible?
  • Reducing payback time: Boosting ROI on your energy projects (including operational load management, solar PV, battery storage and EV charging points)
  • Taking the next steps…

Who is this webinar for?

  • Industrial and Commercial SMEs
  • Partners and installers working with SMEs

This educational webinar will be delivered to you by the following experts at Wattstor:

Stephan Marty, CEO

Stephan Marty, CEO 

Stephan Marty is a regular authority in the industry and advocate for intelligent energy technologies that push towards the net-zero agenda. He draws on over 20 years’ experience in the energy sector, and has seen seismic shifts in the way end-users engage with the energy markets and shift with the moving landscape. Now, at the helm of Wattstor, Stephan’s cross-functional background places him as a thought leader and trusted voice in the industry.

James Belcher, Chief Product Officer

James Belcher, Chief Product Officer

James Belcher is a powerhouse of knowledge and insight when it comes to energy markets and product development. Having built market disrupting products and services for some of Europe and America’s best known energy brands throughout his 15 year career, and with intricate understanding of I&C SME use cases, James is ideally positioned to deliver expertise on leveraging opportunities for this sector through technology.

Mikael Baghammer, Head of BD

Mikael Baghammar, Head of Business Development

Mikael Baghammar is our resident client expert and ROI detective. He is a master of simplifying the sophisticated and clarifying the convoluted. Mikael ensures that even the most comprehensive projects are accessible to all.

Webinar: The Business Case for Sustainable Energy | Wattstor

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