Energy price volatility avoidance

On-Demand Webinar: Can businesses smart-charge their way out of the energy crisis?

The energy crisis has taken hold, and SMEs are suffering the consequences. Prices across the UK and Europe are at an all-time high, creating overheads that some businesses simply can’t keep up with. Energy price volatility avoidance has never been so crucial to your businesses risk mitigation strategy.

This on-demand webinar explores the technology and tariffs available to SMEs and offers guidance on simple and effective methods to mitigate risks around pricing. All whilst making sustainability initiatives affordable and accessible.

What we cover this session:

  • The energy landscape: A paradigm shift
  • The energy crisis: What is the real impact on businesses
  • Electricity price volatility: Why this is here to stay
  • The role of technology in the energy crisis: How it helps commercial and industrial companies
  • Smart-charging every asset
  • Case studies: Companies maximising price volatility with smart-charging
  • Taking the next steps…

Who is this webinar for?

  • Industrial and commercial businesses across all sectors
  • Renewable generation and battery installers working with SMEs
  • Brokers and consultants working with SMEs

This educational webinar is delivered to you by:

Stephan Marty, CEO

Stephan Marty, CEO 

Stephan Marty is a regular authority in the industry and advocate for intelligent energy technologies that push towards the net-zero agenda. He draws on over 20 years’ experience in the energy sector, and has seen seismic shifts in the way end-users engage with the energy markets and shift with the moving landscape. Now, at the helm of Wattstor, Stephan’s cross-functional background places him as a thought leader and trusted voice in the industry.


Join Wattstor as we explore the technology and tariffs available to SMEs and offer guidance on simple and effective methods to mitigate risks around pricing. You should come away with concrete answers and some clear next steps.

Photo by Andrey Metelev on Unsplash

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