Energy as a Service

Energy as a Service from Wattstor: Designed for savings, simplicity and sustainability. 

Energy as a Service from Wattstor

Energy as a Service enables sites to create significant savings, make money from electricity markets, boost green credentials, and stabilise electricity prices. All without risk.

By working with Wattstor, sites gain access to these benefits without upfront capital expenditure.

Create your ideal energy eco-system with terms to suit every business, community and site type.

Our bespoke Energy as a Service plans create savings, simplicity, and sustainability.

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Freedom to run your business

There’s no underestimating how much time and resource can be tied up in energy projects. By outsourcing energy management and project development to a third-party provider via EaaS, businesses can focus on their core operations.

Large sites have a clear opportunity to impact the sustainability landscape, however smaller and mid-size businesses have often been left out of the picture when it comes to green initiatives, predominantly due to the issue of capital. These businesses form a huge part of the economic landscape, and are evidenced to have both the inclination and capacity to make huge leaps in sustainability with the right services at hand.

All sectors and site types are united in the challenge of resource to manage and maintain energy projects. This is where Wattstor’s EaaS offering shines, providing both the capital investment and the resource to ensure energy strategy continuity, optimum operations and clear returns through cost savings and sustainability.

Cost & Risk Reduction

The two greatest hindrances in creating an ideal energy eco-system for a site are the perceived cost and risk implications. These come in the forms of:

  • Cost of assets
  • Cost of resource to manage project development
  • Electricity market risks
  • System maintenance costs
  • Equipment failures
  • Regulatory compliance

Wattstor understands that for businesses and communities to meet their sustainability obligations, there needs to be a simple and effective solution to overcoming these barriers. That’s why our EaaS solution alleviates every single one of these.

Project management in one place

Designing your energy eco-system, sourcing the most suitable and cost effective solutions for your site, managing the install, testing the system, meeting regulatory compliance requirements, and ensuring ongoing maintenance. These are all areas that require more time and resource than most site owners have.

Work with Wattstor, and we’ll manage the full project scope, from design to delivery, and far far beyond.

Tailored Solution

Every site and every business has different goals. Whether you’re carbon or cost focused, we’ll tailor your solution to meet your business needs, maximising ROI and delivering the quickest possible payback to you.

Our proposals take into consideration all technical and financial aspects, such as IRR hurdle rate, maximum solar installation/grid constraints, consumption targets, and the lowest possible EaaS rates.

5 Steps to EaaS

  1. Wattstor works closely with you to determine the system that would best suit your needs.
  2. Once the assets required are identified, we’ll source them, bearing in mind any preferences you may have.
  3. At the point of purchase, Wattstor owns 100% of the assets and draws up a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) which ascertains the length of time taken to transfer the ownership from Wattstor to your business.
  4. Wattstor arranges all installation, testing and commissioning of the project, ensuring minimal disruption, so you can concentrate on running your business.
  5. Wattstor then manages how the assets perform, how they create value in the electricity markets for you, and maintains all assets and warranties. All without risk.

How does the PPA work?

In order to transfer ownership of the assets from Wattstor to you, and to ensure you gain the trading benefits gained from the markets, Wattstor will draw up a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). This can vary from 15 to 25 years long, depending on your preferences and the size of the project.

Over the course of the agreement, and as you own more of your assets, your costs reduce and your percentage of net-savings goes up. Unlike many PPAs, Wattstor’s PPA creates more value over time. For the duration of your PPA, Wattstor maintains all assets and warranties, and takes care of all energy automation.

At the end of the agreement, you own ALL assets outright.


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