Constraint management

Maximise your capacity and avoid hefty penalties with Wattstor's intelligent energy management

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Transmission towers

Grid constraint management

It’s no secret that the penalties for exceeding grid constraints can be hefty. Depending on where your site is located, the costs can be disastrous for businesses.

Wattstor’s platform ensures sites avoid penalties whilst maximising site renewables, EV charging, energy storage and operational consumption. Adding new assets to your site no longer needs to be a problem.

Transmission towers

Maximise storage and generation

Managing export limitations can be tricky when optimising site operations against both generation and storage. When generation exceeds both site demand and grid export limitation, Wattstor’s EMS will either charge the battery or manage load appliances within set parameters to ensure capacity is not exceeded.

The end-user stays fully in control, as priority levels regarding battery charging vs. appliance load are set by the end-user.

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