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A collaborative approach...

Wattstor understands that a simple plug-in-and-go solution won’t do the trick in today’s complex energy landscape. In order to deliver the best value to end-users from their electric vehicle charging project, installers and operators need sophisticated EMS and BESS solutions that take into account constraints, site operations, pricing and markets.

Our collaborative approach to working with installers and operators means that our experts will work with your teams every step of the way, from finding opportunities, tender and subsidy applications, sales support, project scoping, installation and delivery, through to final testing.

Why EVCP installers & operators choose Wattstor

Wattstor creates sweeping value across the installation and operational span of electric vehicle charging points. Our track record in this sector speaks volumes, as our EVCP partners come back to us time and again to deliver projects…

Wattstor delivers outstanding benefits…

  • Maximise value within grid connection by optimising on-site renewables and storage
  • Unparalleled interfacing capabilities – our EMS and battery solutions are compatible with most charger manufacturers
  • Move with the flexibility of the electricity markets for maximum ROI
  • Business development support in finding deals and completing tenders
  • Highly advanced EMS and BESS functionality at excellent value
  • Strategic alignment to find the best locations and sites for new projects
  • Trial/evaluation period available (subject to discussion and project scope)
Modern buildings

Adaptive EV Charging

Wattstor’s adaptive charging solution intelligently distributes power between all active chargers with parameters and priorities set by the end-user.

This maximises the use of embedded renewable generation, and reduces costs through dynamic tariff optimisation while maintaining grid capacity under its limitation.

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