Working Together

Wattstor works collaboratively with installers, developers and operators to deliver best-in-class EMS solutions to businesses and communities.

Partnering with Wattstor

From installers and operators through to businesses and communities, Wattstor works across the energy landscape to boost participation in the green transition by harnessing the power of renewables, managing load and installing electric vehicle charging points. Wattstor ensures:

  • The best ROI on energy projects
  • High-end complex energy technology is accessible and affordable
  • Strategic alignment with partner goals
  • Collaborative approach and shared expertise
  • Future-proof energy technology
Wind turbines

Solar and Storage Installers

Solar and storage installers favour Wattstor for our flexibility and future-proof technology that’s easy to install with seamless interfacing.

Our agile, forward-thinking, and collaborative approach means that our installation partners win more business when deploying our energy management system. We do this by:

  • Offering training and hands-on expertise on-site where needed
  • Strategically aligning with installers’ goals for maximum impact
  • Business development support in finding deals and completing tenders
  • Improving end-users ROI
  • Providing advanced marketing materials to ensure end-users understand the full benefit of the overall solution.
Farmer in a field

Industrial & Commercial Sites

Wattstor works consultatively with industrial and commercial businesses to develop a strategy that works specifically for their site. We cut through the noise to help I&C businesses to navigate real-world solutions to:

  • Reduce expensive energy bills
  • Create solutions within grid connection limitations
  • Enhance sustainability and carbon reduction
  • Deliver visibility on energy performance
  • Create an outstanding business case for optimum ROI

Our flexible, tiered approach to EMS also ensures that I&C only pay for the functionality that they use, leaving room to grow whilst delivering excellent value.

Electric car charging

EV Charging Point Installers & Operators

Wattstor creates sweeping value across the installation and operational span of electric vehicle charging points. 

Wattstor delivers outstanding benefits…

  • Maximise value within grid connection by optimising on-site renewables and storage
  • Unparalleled interfacing capabilities – our EMS and battery solutions are compatible with most charger manufacturers
  • Move with the flexibility of the electricity markets for maximum ROI
  • And much more…
Two people in wind turbine field

Energy Project Developers

Wattstor delivers low-risk EMS solutions for seamless integration across limitless energy assets. Our consistent delivery of high-quality, effortlessly interfaced solutions is demonstrated through our track record. 

Energy project developers choose Wattstor as their EMS partner to:

  • Reduce risk by engaging specialists in EMS
  • Enhance your project portfolio ROI
  • Deliver a highly sophisticated solution for relative low-cost
  • Future-proof projects – continue to build upon current assets and participate in new electricity markets without needing to replace technology
City scape

Local Energy Communities

Independent energy communities are gradually growing across Europe, and are set to be the future of new-build developments. 

Wattstor’s technological scalability, from single residential streets through to industrial and commercial operations, means we are perfectly positioned to manage local energy communities.

Wattstor’s platform delivers seamless interfacing with ANY generation, storage, load asset, or API, and has the capacity for limitless connections.

Interested in becoming a Wattstor partner?

For an informal discussion about how your business could take advantage of Wattstor's extensive expertise, get in touch with our friendly team of experts.

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