Wattstor prepares for new challenges in new offices in London and Cornwall

After successfully establishing presence in the UK energy market and building a highly visible brand, Wattstor is looking to expand its scope of activities and increase its service capacities. In order to fulfil those objectives in a cost-efficient manner, the company is moving into a pair of new, state-of-the-art offices that offer sufficient support for the kind of intensive efforts that Wattstor is widely known for. As a technology-oriented provider that depends on both precision and flexibility in its daily operations, Wattstor and its clients stand to gain a lot from this strategic move.

In the immediate future, Wattstor’s London headquarters will be relocated to a high-tech business centre in Stanmore, while its representative office in Cornwall will also find a new home in the vicinity of Truro. Both offices will be located in modern business-only buildings, where Wattstor could be a neighbour with some of the fastest growing companies in the country. In both cases, new offices represent a clear upgrade compared to old facilities, both in terms of available space and regarding the quality of essential infrastructure. Most importantly, current setup allows for easy expansion in case the company continues with its present pace of growth and requires bigger offices in a few years.

Wattstor’s central office in London is now situated in the Devonshire House, a dedicated business facility that spans more than 35,000 sq ft. It is conveniently positioned right inside Stanmore/Edgware, very close to the Harrow business district. Devonshire House stands out from its surroundings due to its modern, minimalist design, while its interiors are quite spacious and feature all modern amenities you would expect at a premium corporate facility. Since this is a managed building, Wattstor doesn’t have to hire specialized staff just to maintain the office in a working condition, which will allow the company to redirect the savings towards its core competencies or customer support.

The Cornwall office is set against much more inspirational scenery, as it occupies a portion of the Penstraze business centre near Truro. This family-owned facility was built in a rural area, and is surrounded by intact nature that has a soothing effect on people working there every day. Rustic and picturesque environment that doesn’t imply that the centre lacks advanced features – quite contrary this is one of the most well equipped objects in the area. With plentiful parking space and excellent rail connections, this location is ideal for a company like Wattstor that appreciates peace and quiet but needs to stay in touch with the outside world at all times.

We invite all partners, customers and friends of the company to visit us in our new premises in the Devonshire House, London, and Penstraze business centre in Truro. This is a great opportunity to learn more about Wattstor and see our best people in their natural element. Just send us a message indicating the time of your visit, and we’ll be happy to arrange a brief tour of the office for you!

Wattstor prepares for new challenges in new offices in London and Cornwall