Wattstor introduces the first GridBooster system to the UK market

With electric-powered vehicles becoming more common, the need for efficient charging has never been greater! Wattstor has the perfect solution in the form of its unique GridBooster fast charging system for electric vehicles that is capable of drawing energy from both the grid and from a rechargeable 52KW battery. This revolutionary technology was developed by Wattstor’s parent company Janom, and will soon be available across the UK.

The GridBooster system has several distinct advantages over currently used fast charging stations. It greatly improves energy management by allowing consumers to use the grid only when it’s economically favourable. It is ideal for individuals/ organisations that produce their own energy via solar panels or wind farms, as it allows them to use these sources to power their vehicles and homes. That’s a big step in the quest to move from fossil fuels and deploy cleaner energy sources into the transportation industry.

Superior technology built into GridBooster guarantees high performance and maximum convenience for end users. The system can dispense up to 60 KW of power instantly and includes two charging stations connected to the battery that can charge up to four vehicles at the same time. The capacity to serve multiple vehicles from flexible sources is unprecedented and offers many options, especially to commercial providers. Balanced charging for all vehicles is enabled by the Delta Efficient Energy Management Software (DEEMS), which can optimise the inflow of the energy depending on the conditions in the grid and current needs.

Janom has already deployed this innovative solution in a shopping mall in Bratislava, and the initial returns have been in line with expectations. Wattstor has access to the patented technology needed to bring GridBooster to the United Kingdom and early adopters stand to benefit in a big way. The number of electric vehicles is growing by the day, and old-fashioned single-car chargers are not well equipped to deal with increased demand. Consumers are also becoming more aware of energy efficiency and will be happy to learn they have a choice when it comes to charging their eco-friendly vehicle.

One of the greatest contributions of the GridBooster system is the relief it provides to the overall grid by allowing for seamless inclusion of alternative energy sources. This effect becomes considerable when a large number of consumers in the same area switch to this system. According to some estimates, more than 800,000 charging stations will be needed in the EU by the year 2020 in order to meet the demand from electric vehicle owners

Introduction of smart features into the charging network is equally important, as it allows for integration of charging stations with other data-driven applications. In a fully developed smart system, drivers could easily identify the nearest charging station, or seek for one that could provide them with a refill at the best price. In short, GridBooster unlocks some much-needed improvements of the fast-charging service that will only become more valuable as the number of electric cars continues to grow. Wattstor, as Janom’s official UK partner and subsidiary, is the only provider capable of deploying this revolutionary technology in Britain.

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Wattstor introduces the first GridBooster system to the UK market