Wattstor.com new site launch

We’re very excited to announce that our new and refreshed Wattstor.com website is now live. As part of our year refresh (new office, product launch coming soon, and changes in our shareholders’ scheme) the site consolidates a user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality throughout.

When we first started the website building exercise, we had big ideas, from updating company messaging to helping users get from one place to the next without skipping the most important content. Our solution was to create a responsive design, that reflects our enhanced experience in the industry, and which is visually updated to the modern standards. The site now includes our battery management product information, our offering for different types of customers & our recent video and case studies that work together to provide a detailed overview of Wattstor’s capabilities in the energy management & storage industry. We’ve also improved the structure of our content, so you’ll get more from a quick read.

We will be adding further material for our customers, including a custom login page, case studies, and projects over the next few weeks, so stay tuned for announcements on training dates, product launch, and partners. We hope that our new site will allow our visitors to have a very informative experience as we continue to grow and increase our market presence.

Customers can also stay informed with the latest news of the company and the whole storage industry. Furthermore, the new website allows users to share products and pages that interest them with other users across Social Media.

Keep in touch with Wattstor’s developments, and if you have any feedback, please let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

Wattstor.com new site launch