Voltia illuminates the path towards a cleaner and smarter future

Road transportation is one of the major causes of pollution, since technologies based on burning of carbon dioxide are inherently ‘dirty’. Between the efforts to limit greenhouse emissions and the rising prices of oil, we are facing a short deadline to rethink the entire concept of vehicular traffic. Fortunately, companies like Voltia are here to lead the way with groundbreaking innovations that can address the environmental issues while maintaining the current level of efficiency.

Electric vehicles are increasingly viewed as the most viable alternative to internal combustion motors, and many models for personal use are available in the market. However, professional delivery fleets are still largely tied to oil, and operators had been slow to replace the older vehicles with models that use alternative energy sources. That’s exactly where Voltia can provide a unique type of assistance, as the company is dedicated to electrification of light commercial fleets and already works with high profile logistics providers, media companies or governmental agencies.

In case you are wondering how is Voltia different from any other company that sells electric vehicles, the catch is in the additional services you can’t get anywhere else. With Voltia, clients can count on a guided journey that includes every element from technical expertise to assistance with routing of electric vehicles. In other words, new clients benefit from the know-how acquired on previous implementations, but they still get to choose how much of this knowledge can be applied to their particular situation. The value of such assistance is enormous, as it accelerates the transition and helps to avoid costly mistakes.

Of course, commercial clients want specialised vehicles and Voltia can answer the call with Nissan-based models that feature an extended cargo space capable of carrying payloads of up to 600 kg. Those compact and practical vehicles can readily cover distances of up to 140 kilometers, but they remain easy to control and easier to park. Those traits make them well suited for delivery tasks inside the city just as much as for the open road, so any commercial fleet employing them can stay versatile and reliable. Most importantly, the vehicles adhere to the zero-emission standard, so they have no adverse environmental impact.

In addition to selling brand new vehicles, the company also offers to convert existing fleets into electric-powered units at a very reasonable price. This allows smaller companies an opportunity to pursue environmentally-friendly policies without burdening their finances. In fact, with optimal routing and flexible scheduling, it is possible to achieve very high efficiency with electric fleets, particularly when operating within a limited geographic area. For this reason, conversion to electric power should be a priority even for companies that own functional delivery vehicles they would like to keep.

At the very least, innovators like Voltia are offering practical solutions that challenge the traditional technological paradigm. It won’t be long before electric vehicles become the standard, and early adopters stand to reap great benefits by being prepared for the change. You’d be wise to consult with Voltia on the best way to join this growing trend today.

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Voltia illuminates the path towards a cleaner and smarter future