Separate your home from the grid using our smart solution.

No matter where you live, energy bills take up a sizeable chunk of your family budget every month. Wattstor’s innovative solution allows homeowners like you to cut costs without sacrificing comfort or convenience. Economic benefits are not the only reason to adopt our smart solution – we can also reduce your home’s carbon footprint and ensure your energy doesn’t go to waste. We have combined several modern technologies into a simple, integrated, and very intuitive solution that will save you money whilst helping the environment.

Wattstor has top-level expertise in energy management, and we have perfected small-scale installations into quick and precise operations that typically take less than a day. This includes installing all the hardware necessary for energy generation, distribution, and conservation, as well as the setup and customisation of your system. Our service doesn’t end once the system is up and running as we can perform scheduled or emergency maintenance for homeowners to ensure everything runs smoothly.

To find your nearest installer and start saving on energy bills, take a look at our map of certified technicians across the United Kingdom.
Effortless installation

The Wattstor system can be installed in few hours (depending on contract size), with minimal disruption to your home or business.

Get off the grid

Our system minimises the amount of energy that is returned to the grid, increasing effective usage of locally generated energy.

Pay less for electricity

Does a reduction of a monthly bill sound like a sufficient reason to consider adopting this innovative solution?


Wattstor’s agnostic system represents an upgrade of your existing energy storage facilities.

Stay in control

When you install a Wattstor solution, you can stop worrying about the possibility of a blackout.

With a few details about your home, we can illustrate the potential savings on your energy spend.

Wattstor is an award-winning expert in the design and installation of bespoke renewable energy systems for both domestic and commercial customers.