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Wondering how to access funding and subsidies for your project? Interested in learning about tax exemptions on renewable generation for your site?

Our experts are on hand to assist. With extensive knowledge across the energy landscape, including policy, regulation, available grants and tax exemptions, our team are happy to help.

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Wattstor works with any generation asset

Whether wind, solar, hydro, CHP or otherwise, Wattstor’s platform seamlessly interfaces with any generation asset.

This means any generation asset can be optimised for on-site consumption and market participation, delivering the best financial and sustainable results.

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Our Renewables and Generation Solution

Maximise embedded renewable generation

Maximise renewable generation consumption for the greenest, most cost efficient outcome. Wattstor’s intelligent energy platform delivers RES management for ultimate ROI.

Wattstor’s platform is designed to:

  • Keep grid consumption to a minimum, using RES as a priority over grid power
  • Determine when to use, store or sell the generated electricity
  • Comprehensively factor in pricing signals, grid constraints, site parameters and sustainability implications.



of I&C businesses cite customer retention as the primary reason for boosting sustainability strategies



payback on subsidised European solar, storage and EMS projects with Wattstor



increase in solar generation in Europe between 2008 and 2018, driving down commodity costs.

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