Wattbooster is a solution ideal for connection points that suffer from problems with insufficient connection capacity or high charges for oversized connection performance which are rarely used. Wattbooster´s unique way of managing, controlling and monitoring reduces electricity fees at the supply point.

Indoor & Outdoor

Delivered as one compact indoor or outdoor soluton, that provides additional grid capacity

iMP Supervision

Wattstor´s iMP is the brain of the solution, that provides a unique way of controlling and monitoring of the EV charging station, SME and renewable energy installations.

Faster EV charging

The system supports fast chargers for simultaneous charging of multiple electric vehicles, even in case of insufficient capacity of the electrical connection point.

RES Compatible

Offers the possibility to expand the system with renewable power from other clean sources which are then effectively managed by iMP.

With iMP´s unique way of controlling and monitoring, Wattbooster reduces the operational fees of the site, by managing the energy more efficient. Another important aspect is also the possibility of using renewable sources; Wattbooster ensures their most effective use in their onsite location, leading to further savings on the electricity bills.
EV Charging Applications

EV charging stations are facing three main problems.

1) The energy used to charge cars usually comes from fossil-fuel or nuclear power plants, rarely from RES.
2) The charging station is limited by the grid capacity, by the transformer or problems faced with the energy distributor. Often the grid upgrade is uneconomical, because higher capacity connection results in higher fees.
3) Also the charging time of several cars prolongs this charging time.

Wattbooster is a simple solution to all these problems.

1) Compatible with RES.
2) Wattbooster´s batteries increase the available energy in the system.
3) Smart management distributes the energy to the cars based on the charging preferences preconfigured by the owner, mostly to ensure the grid won´t be overload in peak hours.

SME Applications

SMEs consume more than 13% of total global energy and cost-effective energy efficiency measures could shave as much as 30% of their consumption.

SMEs face difficulties with:

1) Energy efficiency.
2) Volatile energy prices, can affect their planning while tariffs are making energy more expensive.
3) Increasing production may not be possible due to energy constraints.

With Wattbooster SMEs are:

1) Improving energy efficiency and increasing their profitability and competitiveness.
2) Reducing energy costs by using the batteries in high tariff periods, while recharging them back during low tariff.
3) Securing their energy distribution and avoiding expensive grid upgrades.

With a few details about your home, we can simulate how much a Wattstor system can save on your bills.

Wattstor is an award-winning expert in the design and installation of bespoke renewable energy systems for both industrial and commercial customers.