The eBick by Cegasa represents the next step in the evolution of energy storage. This standalone solution can be easily deployed in any property; It’s modular and can be expanded to support a larger system if your requirements grow. Each module has a capacity of 8.6 kWh, and these units can be stacked to provide as much as 206 kWh simply by installing additional units on top of those already in place.


Easy to install, with lead times under 4 weeks

Great for Businesses

Suited for medium and large facilities where uninterrupted access to energy is essential


High quality product manufactured and tested in Europe


Saves up to 30% more energy, compared to conventional solutions

Key Features

  • Adaptable Thanks to its modular nature, the eBick by Cegasa can be deployed in a wide variety of settings and feature anywhere between 1 and 24 modules per array, each with an 8.6 kWh capacity.
  • Long lasting With an expected lifecycle of 25 years of active service or at least 15 years of heavy-duty usage.
  • Superior qualityThe product contains high quality lithium iron phosphate batteries tested to European standards ensuring consistent performance, and comes with built-in protection to deliver the highest levels of safety.
  • Large savingsDecrease your energy bill every month and never pay a penny for maintenance with the practical and easily managed e-Bick system.

The eBick by Cegasa is simple to install, and the system will be online as soon as it’s fully connected. A smart user interface tablet will provide installers and owners with system monitoring and configuration information. This is one of the first devices of its kind to reach the British market, and it is readily available for deployment, with lead times under 4 weeks.

With a few details about your home, we can simulate how much a Wattstor system can save on your bills.

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