Make your business more environmentally friendly while benefitting from uninterrupted power supply.

As the majority of businesses are heavily reliant on electrical power, they stand to gain even more from implementing Wattstor’s efficient technology. By partnering with a proven, established provider that controls all phases of the installation process, you can improve your buildings energy efficiency and reduce operating costs without sacrificing productivity.

Wattsor can design and deploy unique solutions that maximise energy savings in the context of your business’s unique requirements. We understand that the stability of your energy supply is crucial and that if key processes are interrupted due to a power outage, it will cost you both time and money. Organisations that already generate a portion of their energy can derive even more value from their previous investment, while those who are new to the renewable energy sector can get a head start by working with Wattstor.

To find your nearest installer and start saving on energy bills, take a look at our map of certified technicians across the United Kingdom.

Project design

Our experienced team can create comprehensive, custom solutions based on your precise requirements and existing equipment. Wattstor also oversees the realisation of your project and our team can continue to provide technical support for as long as it’s needed.

Effortless installation

The Wattstor system can be installed in a single day (depending on contract size), with minimal disruption to your business.

Get off the grid

Our system minimises the amount of energy that is returned to the grid, increasing effective usage of locally generated energy.

Pay less for electricity

Does a 70% reduction of a monthly bill sound like a sufficient reason to consider adopting this innovative solution?


Wattstor’s agnostic system represents an upgrade of your existing energy storage facilities.

Stay in control

When you install a Wattstor solution, you can stop worrying about the possibility of a blackout.

With a few details about your business, we can illustrate the potential savings on your energy spend.

Wattstor is an award-winning experts in the design and installation of bespoke renewable energy systems for both industrial and commercial customers.