Mr. McDonald, Bude

PV System: 4kW array of 12 Sunpower SPR 327 panels
Installation date: May 2015
Installation time: 1 Day

Wattstor System Components:

  • 1 x 5 kVA inverter charger
  • 1 x Wattstor switchgear panel
  • 6 kWh (Usable @ 50% DoD) Lead Acid Gel battery storage
  • Associated DC distribution

About the Customer

Mr. McDonald moved into his 100-year-old Police Cottage two years ago and has been working continually to make it more eco-friendly.

His projects have included:

  • Loft and wall insulation
  • Double glazing
  • 4kW PV array
  • Self-designed hot water diversion switch
  • LED lighting throughout
  • Bespoke Wattstor 5/6 Plus programmed to prioritize powering of immersion element ahead of battery storage.

How did Wattstor help?

Mr. McDonald was keen to upgrade his 100-year-old cottage to an eco-home, and very quickly installed solar panels and insulation when he and his wife moved in.  He also installed a solar diverter to use excess power from the solar PV to heat their hot water tank, but still found that much of the generated power was being leaked back to the grid.  Following a survey by our team and a discussion with Mr. McDonald, Wattstor was able to design a personalized, bespoke set-up to adequately address all of his needs.  The 6kWh of energy storage available is ideally suited to the scale of his solar array and has seen significant reductions in the amount of grid imported electricity required.

”Having gathered a year worth of data using EcoEye, I can say I’m more than happy with the results of my Wattstor installation. My pre-install electricity usage was 3359KWh this is with solar panels installed and left me with a bill for the year of £604. With the Wattstor my usage fell to 1760KWh at a cost of only £317 so practically halving my electricity usage.”

Richard McDonald
June 2016


”This works out to an average of 4.4KWh per day supplied by the Wattstor system. The graph says it all, I’m often asked for energy saving tips and am glad to pass them on, firstly switch to the best energy deal you can find if you have a low electricity usage it’s worth considering a zero standing charge tariff as on many days import will be only a few pence you don’t want to be paying an extra 16p standing charge!  So a year on, am I happy I went for Wattstor, me and my wallet say yes.”

Mr McDonald, Bude
Mr McDonald, Bude