Carley’s Food Factory

PV System: 30kWp array
Installation date: May 2015
Installation time: 4 Days

Wattstor System Components:

  • 3 x 10 kW inverter chargers (3 phase)
  • 3 x Wattstor switch gear panels
  • 18 kWh (Usable @ 50% DoD) Lead Acid Gel battery storage
  • Associated DC distribution

About the Customer

Carley’s organic foods established in 1974 is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of raw organic nut and seed butters and chocolate spreads. They moved to a new eco factory in 2014 which has a 30kW array of Solar P.V, thick wall and roof insulation, triple glazed windows, heating provided by a bio-mass boiler and rainwater harvesting.

How did Wattstor help?

Wattstor designed and installed a bespoke 3-Phase system, installing a 10kW inverter charger on each phase, linked to a central 32 kWh (18kWh usage) battery bank, set to discharge to 50% DoD. The customer has remote monitoring, so they can see the performance of the PV generation and the Wattstor® storage system while also measuring any export. After the installation, it was found that by adding a further 15 kW of PV and doubling the storage, the factory would run through the night on stored power. This work was fulfilled in May 2016 and the factory is seeing better than expected results, allowing the factory to charge its lifting equipment as well as fulfil its refrigeration over night.

What was their goal?

Carley’s food factory wanted to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible and maximise the use of their existing Solar PV generation. They installed a Wattstor® to utilise their unused energy from periods of time when they were not operational. By storing energy and using it when they need it they are a step closer to becoming energy self-sufficient.

Typical Daily Electrical loads:

  • 10kW electric mill for nuts
  • Electric heated shrink tunnel
  • Electric dishwasher
  • 2 x Air compressors
  • Lights and computers

Night Electrical loads:

  • Cold store / freezer
  • Klargester septic cleaner


‘’We installed a Wattstor because is the right thing to do, we have a planet to save. We now have the comfort of running appliances at night without taking electricity from the grid.”

John Carley
June, 2016 

Carley’s Food Factory, Chacewater