Broom Court Care Home

PV System: 112 kWp Solar PV
Installation date: June 2017
Installation time: 1 Week

Wattstor System Components:

  • 6 x 10 kVA Inverter Chargers
  • 1 x Wattstorswitchgearr panel
  • 120 kWh BYD LiFePO4 Batteries
  • Associated DC distribution
  • Monitoring System

About the Customer

Blackwood Homes provide a range of accessible, modern, attractive and bespoke housing aimed at providing great value to people with a range of disabilities and housing needs. They run over 1,500 homes throughout Scotland, over 80 of which are large care homes. The first of these large care homes had been fitted with fitted with generation and a battery storage system which will provide self-consumption services as well as grid backup in the event of a power cut.

How did Wattstor help?

Wattstor has designed a 128kW Energy Storage system for Blackwood Homes & Care, to assist in their ‘Grey Fleet to Green Fleet’ project, supported by the Scottish Government’s Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme. The government-funded project has been undertaken by the consortium of Wattstor, Rexel Renewables, and Emtec, with Wattstor providing system components, system design, and project technical support.

The installation comprises of 128kWh of Lithium Iron Phosphate battery storage, supplying 6 10kVA inverter/chargers which then supply the site. The site’s main distribution board has been transferred to a backup circuit which will supply emergency backup power in the event of a grid failure, also allowing a portion of the PV generation to continue to operate. Overall, the system is configured to use 60% of its capacity for self-consumption, increasing the level of solar used and minimising levels of export and import to and from the grid, with the remaining 40% being reserved to provide backup power in the event of a power cut.

What was their goal?

Overall, Blackwood’s goal is to achieve lower running costs by optimizing the use of a solar photovoltaic (PV) systems at Broom Court, one of their care homes in Stirling. The 111.3 kW solar PV system is installed across 19 roofs at Broom Court, including residential care homes and Blackwood offices.

Blackwood will not only utilize affordable solar power to lower its costs compared to current utility rates, but the battery system will further reduce energy costs by using stored electricity to minimize peak demand. The overall system is expected to significantly reduce carbon emissions, become more independent and less reliant on the grid.

The installation has been nominated for ‘’Residential, commercial, and industrial energy storage project of the year, at the upcoming Solar Power Portal Awards.’’ More details here.

Broom Court Care Home, Scotland