Outdoor Education at Eco Summer Camp in Cornwall

Camp Kernow is a pioneering not-for-profit off-grid outdoor education centre offering environmental adventure camps for children in the heart of the Cornish countryside. Set in 210 acres near Truro, Camp Kernow is dedicated to motivating and empowering children and young people to take positive action towards a more sustainable future. In addition, they deliver hands-on workshops in schools exploring renewable energy technologies, the challenges of climate change and ways in which we can each make a positive impact.

We met Camp Kernow founders Charlie Nicholson and Claire at the country estate within which the camp sits, a place surrounded by over two hundred acres of woodland, streams, lakes and organic farmland, with an endless playground for children to play.  As we’ve been inspired by their work, Wattstor designed and donated components for a green car charging system, powered by their existing solar panel and battery system on site. This will be used to charge a custom built electric vehicle which they will be using to support camp activities. The support that Camp Kernow offers children in Cornwall and across the country is vital and we are proud to be able to make a contribution to this.

“Thanks to Wattstor’s kind support of Camp Kernow’s work with children, we have begun an excited journey working together to introduce children to some of the latest emerging renewable energy technologies”, said founder, Charlie Nicholson.

The camp is thought to be the only completely carbon neutral activity centre in the UK, enabling children to understand and experience a new way of living in balance with nature. Children learn about nature’s ecological systems and resources, teaching them to make a positive difference to the environment.

For more information about Camp Kernow, visit: http://campkernow.org.uk/

Outdoor Education at Eco Summer Camp in Cornwall