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Fine-tuned Forecasting

Wattstor’s arbitrage and trading model intelligently forecasts a site’s consumption and generation. With this information, the EMS ascertains the most cost effective way of purchasing additional electricity from the grid, and when is a good time to sell excess electricity back to the grid. This results in:

  • Lucrative new revenue streams
  • Savings on electricity consumption
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Good for business, good for grid

It’s not just in your interest to take advantage of real time pricing, advanced time-of-use and critical peak pricing. The grid benefits too.

As more businesses participate in dynamic tariffs, the system can reduce peak loads and their requirement to invest in grid infrastructure.

Dynamic tariffs are increasing in popularity. Those that do implement the technology to participate see a significant boost in embedded renewables and storage project ROI.

Transmission towers

How dynamic tariffs work

Dynamic tariffs are, crucially, tariffs without a fixed rate. This means that a site can take full advantage of the peaks and troughs in energy market pricing when using the right technology and forecasting.

Wattstor’s EMS audits a site and it’s assets to create a baseline forecast and price optimised schedule in the day-ahead markets. Within the day, the EMS will communicate the schedule via three bands (consume/ neutral/ curtail) to the ECD to deliver against the price optimised schedule.

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