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Gain enhanced insights into your energy performance with Wattstor's energy metering, monitoring and analytics.

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Measure, monitor, manage...

It’s a well know adage that you can only manage what you measure. When installing Wattstor’s edge controller device on site and connecting across storage, generation, EV and load assets, you intrinsically link your site to our analytics portal.

Every kW of energy consumed, generated or stored is recorded, and the data is put into easy-to-understand graphical formats.

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Insights into every aspect of energy performance

From savings to sustainability, Wattstor’s monitoring and analytics solution showcases:

  • A site’s overall energy performance
  • A single asset’s energy performance
  • Renewable energy consumption
  • Consumption from storage
  • Export data
  • Energy cost savings
  • How well a site is meeting CO2 reduction targets
  • Data comparisons across numerous sites

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