Leading the change – Wattstor’s latest updates since partnering with janom

It’s been a while since we spoke about the progress we are making since forming a partnership with janom, and we are delighted to be working hand in hand with genuine renewable enthusiasts.

The last few months have marked another milestone in the life of Wattstor. We are working hard to develop innovative solutions and provide preconfigured systems that are viable, tested, and affordable which are capable of meeting the demands of an evolving market. Having joined forces with janom, Wattstor is currently working on relaunching its website and developing clear core brand values.

Additionally, the ability to knowledge share with the team at janom, and thanks to their capabilities in R&D and technical sales, ensures that the development of new products and technologies is ongoing. Thanks to their other business partners across Europe, the company’s assets and synergies provide an invaluable resource allowing for further development.

For Wattstor it is rewarding to work closely with a knowledgeable partner such as janom and their involvement is proof of the commitment to identifying and supply renewable energy storage systems that are sustainable whilst also being economically viable. Most importantly though is our joint passion for sustainability and the desire to build a ‘greener planet’ that is a real motivation to keep driving forward in this exciting new sector.

We look forward to their assistance in taking Wattstor and the energy management industry forward. This is an exciting time for Wattstor so if you’re interested, stay tuned as further announcements coming soon.

In the meantime, for more information on Wattstor Renewable Energy Storage Systems please contact us on 0845 524 0221.

Leading the change – Wattstor’s latest updates since partnering with janom