Wattstor systems are technologically advanced,
but that doesn’t mean they are difficult to deploy and use...

In fact, installation and setup of our energy storage system is not at all demanding for technicians who undergo the appropriate training, and installation in small facilities can usually be performed in under a day. That’s why Wattstor is always happy to hear from organizations who are interested in becoming certified distributors of our energy-saving solutions.

The installation procedure of our equipment is routine and straightforward. Typically, a complete and fully configured set of devices is shipped directly to the site, as such installers are usually only responsible for checking everything is correct and operational. In some cases, components may arrive separately, resulting in the battery and inverter needs to be connected and initialized accordingly. Technical support from our headquarters is available Monday- Friday during standard UK working hours.

The objective behind this collaborative effort is to build a dense network of skillful partners across the United Kingdom, making our service more accessible to customers. Our expansion is fuelled by excellent business results and a growing demand from home and business owners alike.

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Why becoming an Accredited Wattstor Installer is a great idea

With the carbon fuels supply growing increasingly fragile and an increased awareness about the need to reduce pollution, now is the perfect time to get a foot in the door within the sustainable energy sector. This industry is almost guaranteed to grow significantly over the next decade or two, as more and more customers realise what’s at stake. Wattstor is not waiting for the industry to catch up – we are running ahead of the pack and fully embracing sustainable energy today.

To learn more about this amazing opportunity and/or apply for our training program, please send us an e-mail at [email protected], or contact us by phone at (020) 87 325 423

By becoming a part of Wattstor’s carefully selected team, you can acquire practical experience in system installations and potentially enjoy a long and prosperous career that could expand in new directions as our collaboration deepens. We provide detailed training for novice installers, allowing them to master the process to perfection and start working with customers as soon as possible. In addition to learning the technical side of the installation procedure, successful applicants will also receive an in-depth explanation of the entire energy conservation system designed by Wattstor.

For your business to be eligible for the role of a regional distributor and Accredited Wattstor Installer, it has to be registered with MCS and employ one or more qualified electricians (proof of 17th edition).

Join us and gain access to the following:

  • Discounted distributor prices
  • Priority referral service
  • Full technical support
  • Site survey assistance
  • Access to design capacities
  • Marketing materials

Wattstor FAQs

How long does it take to install?

Depending on the type of install, a typical domestic installation should take no more than one day using two people (including a qualified Part P electrician)

Where can I put my WATTSTOR®?

A WATTSTOR® system can be installed in a garage, utility room or externally in appropriate containment. We do not recommend installing a system in spaces that are used communally due to the space constraints.

What is the rate of return for a typical installation?

Payback is a complicated issue because there are so many variables. Providing customers with a generic payback period or model is difficult because it is dependent on usage (consumption patterns). To reduce payback maximum self-consumption of renewable generation needs to be achieved. This is done by matching generation & demand with storage.

What is the advantage of having an AC tied system?

Most domestic properties in the UK operate on AC. By being compatible with a domestic AC infrastructure the WATTSTOR® solution may be able to power a property during power-cuts. Additionally, no additional DC circuit is required and our system minimises changes or modifications to the electrical wiring of the property.

What happens to the batteries if high loads are used in a power cut?

In these circumstances the batteries would discharge at a quicker rate than usual. However, if this occurs during the day time, the customer’s solar PV or wind turbine will continue to operate.

Is the system G59/G83 compliant?

Yes, all inverters used have G59/G83 certification. An application must be made to the local DNO prior to installation.

How should I size the customer’s system?

If the system will be providing backup to the property and generation, the inverter/charger should have a higher rating than the peak generation of the renewable system (e.g. 4kW PV systems requires a 5kW inverter/charger). The battery storage should be sized depending on the customer’s surplus generation and required load. If you have any questions, a member of our technical team will be happy to advise.

Do I need a hot water diversion switch?

Properties with a hot water tank and immersion heater would benefit from a hot water diversion switch in addition to the batteries. This enables any additional surplus generation to be diverted into hot water once the batteries are fully charged.

How does the hot water diversion switch work with the system?

The WATTSTOR® system can be programmed to prioritise either in favor of the batteries or the hot water immersion. If the batteries are prioritised, once they are fully charged any additional surplus generation can then be diverted into the hot water tank via the hot water diversion switch.

How much generated energy is needed to totally charge the batteries?

This depends on the chemistry of the batteries. For a typical 10kWh Lithium battery system, roughly 11kWh of generation will be required.

If the battery efficiency declines, when does your warranty take effect?

Once the batteries degrade to a total capacity of 60% of their usable storage WATTSTOR® will replace them, subject to the terms of our warranty.

Can the system work off-grid?

Yes, depending on the configuration of the system. If a backup circuit is used, the system will automatically isolate itself from the grid in the event of a power cut. This will allow the renewable generation system to continue working, thus giving off-grid capability.

What is the life expectancy of the system?

The life cycle of the batteries will vary depending on the chemistry, ranging from 1200 cycles for Lead acid, up to 6000 cycles for Lithium. Due to the variation in generation during the winter months we anticipate that an average system will undergo 220-250 full cycles per year. The inverter charger is warrantied for 5 years, but we expect them to last for over 10 years, in line with most PV inverters.

How easy would it be to replace the battery bank?

The battery can be replaced very easily (less than 2 hours) but this would have to be done by an electrician. If a new battery chemistry was being installed Wattstor would also be required to reconfigure the inverter charger.

How much would my batteries cost to replace if they needed replacing out of warranty?

This will vary quite substantially depending on the battery chemistry and the market price.

Wattstor are award-winning experts in the design and installation of bespoke renewable energy systems for both domestic and commercial customers.