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Energise the future of your site with state-of-the-art adaptive electric vehicle charging and dynamic load control...

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Adaptive EV Charging and Dynamic Load Control

Wattstor delivers a powerful combination of EMS and BESS to provide EV charging and load control solutions to industrial and commercial sites, energy communities and more. Wattstor delivers the EMS and BESS to provide EV and load control solutions to help sites to:

  • Save money through dynamic tariffs
  • Avoid penalties for exceeding capacity
  • Maximise on-site renewables for charging
  • Green their fleets
  • Enhance customer and employee experience on site

Adaptive EV Charging

Wattstor’s adaptive charging solution intelligently distributes power between all active chargers with parameters and priorities set by the end-user, maximises use of embedded renewable generation, and reduces costs through dynamic tariff optimisation while maintaining grid capacity under its limitation.

Modern buildings

Load Management

Using a combination of intelligent forecasting, storage deployment and embedded generation consumption, sites can manage their loads to a number of advantages.

Intelligent load shifting ensures maximum solar generation use, especially during peak sunshine hours, and optimises import and export dynamic pricing.

Wattstor’s algorithms not only automate against markets and generation forecasting, but against a site’s set parameters for turn-down. This means end-users always remain in full control of how their energy consumption is prioritised.



Plug-in vehicle sales in 2020



Increase in European BEV & PHEV sales



Publically accessible chargers globally

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