EMEX The Energy Management Exhibition 2019, London

Wattstor attended The Energy Management Exhibition (EMEX 2019 – 27th-28th November) in London where we exhibited and presented on our fundamental mission to help customers “measure-manage-optimise” their energy eco-system.

The event aimed to connect the energy management and consumer community with professionals across the low carbon, smart energy landscape.

Our focus was to introduce the power of our energy management system, iMP, and show how we add value across these 3 dimensions of a client’s complex energy management needs.

The technology behind the iMP brings a unique capability to manage and optimise cost and carbon, truly helping customers get the maximum return on investment in RES, ultimately helping the UK address the trilemma to de-carbonize at an uncomfortable rate by de-centralizing and digitizing the energy economy.

An iMP is a smart energy measurement device that feeds real time data into complex algorithms to provide advanced insights on energy use through its cloud based energy portal. The iMP can also act as a micro-grid manager via over-the-air updates, unlocking high value-added services including energy diversion, peak shaving and grid export prevention [where there are constraints]. It is future proofed and ready to offer demand side response services through low cost aggregation of loads, ultimately capable of supporting a Local Energy Market.

Steven Clarke of Wattstor, presented a case study to an eminent audience of experts and users. The case study, which reflects an already common scenario in the UK, was based upon the WattBooster battery system being used to help EV charging hubs cope with the high demands that ultra-fast charging of electric vehicles pose on on-grid connections. The Wattbooster uses iMP cores to actively control energy flows in EV charging hubs, typically incorporating a fleet of EV fast-charging station solar PV array. Wattstor have installed several of these solutions in Europe and will see 2019 end with around 11 providing EV charging services in areas of high grid constraint.
The case study was well received but our conversations across the event resonated well with delegates who were typically looking for new ways to reduce carbon and energy costs. The iMP is well positioned to support their strategies. Our team had several hundred conversations during a busy 2 day event and we look forward to transitioning these to long term customer engagements in 2020.

EMEX The Energy Management Exhibition 2019, London