Change starts at home

Leading the energy revolution in Cornwall Wattstor and 4C Architecture announce a partnership agreement.

4C Architecture is a manufacturer of GRP building products. They’re a dynamic company with the same values and ambition as Wattstor, dedicated to deploying innovative energy solutions to both residential and commercial clients. Their two flagship products, a GRP solar roofing system for commercial and residential constructions and a GRP insulated panel for commercial constructions are unique in the market place.

Wattstor are passionate about technology and by partnering with 4C Architecture they are  heading for the energy revolution. Their newest concept, an innovative ”Power Roof” designed to offer off grid solutions, is made from edge to edge solar cells and capable to provide 100% utilisation of the roof space for solar energy generation. The system, that feeds directly into a battery storage, comes with a unique open side chimney equipped with a vertical wind turbine capable of generating wind energy 24 hours a day.

By joining forces, Wattstor and 4C Architecture will be working together to provide a turn-key integrated solar, energy storage and management solution. Their attention to quality and ability to reduce the installation time down to one day, provides Wattstor with the confidence that they are an ideal partner to bring our energy storage and management systems to solar customers in the UK.

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Change starts at home