What’s so unique about Wattstor?


Specialist knowledge is our most prized resource as it is the foundation for developing the high-end products and services we are known for. This principle is prevalent at all levels of our company, and it drives hiring and promotion policies, as well as manufacturing procedures.


Sustainable sources of energy are not just an alternative, they are clearly a necessity if we are to avoid irreparable pollution. Wattstor has been quick to recognise this simple fact, and our entire business model is built around the inevitability of a worldwide clean energy system in the near future.


We never cut corners or pinch pennies as we are absolutely dedicated to uncompromising quality. The Wattstor brand is synonymous with excellent service and attention to detail, while our relationships with customers are based on mutual respect.


Wattstor has long advocated the reduction of tax rates on energy storage, participating in our dialogue with the government and various industry leaders. We continue to play an active role in the quest to reform legislation regulating within the UK energy sector.


One of our beliefs is that every service can be improved, inspiring us to constantly work on new projects and move the bar even higher.

The mission of Wattstor

The World needs more and more energy, but the energy sector is not changing quickly enough. We believe that everybody should have the chance to use clean, carbon free, stress free energy and have a choice to choose whether they consume it, store it or trade it.  Therefore we are on a mission to provide tools for people to become more environmentally responsible but also  independent  from big polluting energy providers.

Our expertise

At Wattsor, we built up our technology on a software solution, that has been created inhouse through cooperation with our best in class partner. Along with our experienced team that consists of a group of handpicked experts and business wizards, who all take pride in our internal procedures, helping us deliver quality at every stage of every project.

Our products

The core of all our products is the energy management unit iMP, that we build to last and be adaptable to the challenges of our future energy needs. Our battery energy storages, such as our home system Joules and Wattbooster, the bigger energy storage unit for EV and SME are designed with a practical purpose in mind and have a broad range of functions, making our storages smarter and unique.

With a few details about your home or business, we can illustrate the potential savings on your energy spend.

Wattstor is an award-winning expert in the design and installation of bespoke renewable energy systems for both domestic and commercial customers.