Established in 2013, and now in a strategic partnership with a renowned European private equity company Janom, Wattstor is a pioneer of modern energy storage methods and continues to break new grounds in technology and service optimisation.

The mission of Wattstor

As a narrowly focused enterprise specializing in green energy storage, we have put together an offer that is intended to resonate strongly with individual customers and corporate entities alike. The quality of our service speaks for itself, while the respect we receive from our customers is priceless.

The Wattsor team consists of a group of handpicked technology experts and business wizards, who all take pride in our internal procedures which help us deliver quality at every stage of every project. We use the latest generation of information technology to introduce smart features to optimise factors which affect everyone, such as energy consumption.

The power of Janom

The success of Wattstor is driven by the ongoing and broad-ranging support of our parent company Janom. Janom has been associated with some of the most ambitious and innovative projects in its diverse field.

The Slovakia-based company recognized the potential of sustainable energy for the immediate future and entered into a strategic partnership with our UK-based team. Janom continues to take an active interest in the daily operation of its subsidiary company. With more than 20 years of experience at the highest level of the European technology sector, the accumulated corporate know-how of Janom is simply invaluable.

Our experience

While our solutions may appear futuristic, there is nothing experimental or unproven about them. At Wattsor, we only use reliable technologies that have been fully tested in the field. We take advantage of every implementation we do to learn a little more about energy storage.

We have deployed many solutions across both residential and large corporate buildings, so scaling up to fit the requirements of any project is never a concern. Our experienced team has an intricate understanding of applicable standard and regulations, allowing us to provide a broad range of compatibility. Our competitors are just starting to pay attention to the sustainable energy sector – we are already miles ahead!

Meet the Wattstor Team...

Stephen Jones

Managing Director

Stephen is an Experienced Managing director with a bias towards growth and sales. An energy Industry specialist with knowledge across multiple disciplines such as Solar PV, Energy Storage, Funding and supply Chain. Stephen has a network across the Greentech space and is well respected for his knowledge of the market. A design engineer with over 20 years’ experience in delivery of renewable energy solutions across the UK and mainland Europe.
Stephen Has led and built a number of businesses in the UK and Europe as well as sitting on the Boards of some of the largest Corporate organisations in the Energy Field.
Having been appointed Managing Director for Wattstor Stephens vision and passion will be to drive the business forward and enhance customer experience by delivering a first class level of service to both customers and partners.

Daniel Smigura

Director of Wattstor

Daniel has more than 18 years’ experience working in the areas of corporate finance and management in the energy industry. Over the years, given his long-term experience and knowledge, he overseed several projects in the IT sector, corporate finance, and energy. Since 2012 he is acting Managing Director of janom and also part of the Wattstor board of Directors. Daniel graduated from the University of Economics in Bratislava, with a degree in Accounting & Auditing.

Dr Mark Edwards

Non-Executive Chairman

Mark is Wattstor’s first private customer and investor. He is a medical doctor with a long career in biopharmaceutical R&D. He was a senior research executive at Pfizer for many years and the R&D Director for an industry trade association. Now living in Cornwall, a Non-Executive Director of the SW Academic Health Science Network and provides independent business and clinical advice to life science start-up companies in the region.

Matt Rooney

Sales Manager

Growing up on a farm and living in a rural community in Northern Ireland, Matt will bring 25 years commercial experience to the role at Wattstor, along with six years in a number of operations and sales management roles throughout the UK and Ireland within the Solar PV and wind sector. Having witnessed at first hand the revolution in the energy sector, Matt believes the opportunity now exists where those who have already invested in renewables can add further benefits through storage and smart devices, while those wishing to take their first steps have all the advantages of installing the latest proven technology, thereby giving everyone the option to secure their future energy need. This new association with Wattstor is a natural fit and will introduce new ideas and products to both Business and Homeowners making them less reliant on the vagaries of the grid.

Andreea Radu

General Manager

Andreea joined Wattstor in 2016 after moving to Cornwall in 2013. Bilingual in both Italian and Romanian and fluent in Spanish and English she currently works as a freelance Interpreter and Translator in the educational and medical industry. As General Manager at Wattstor, Andreea is responsible for the day to day management of “the back office” functions in a responsive, commercial, flexible and equitable way, making sure that everything runs smoothly. She is heavily involved in a number of other aspects of our projects including planning, financing, marketing, and HR management and is your contact if you are interested in a position with us. In her spare time, Andreea studies to become a Chartered Accountant and enjoys walking along the coastal paths of Cornwall.

Jonothan Oxford

Senior Design Engineer

After completing his Bachelor degree in Theoretical Physics at Swansea University, Jonothan joined the Wattstor team in 2015. As the Senior Design Engineer at Wattstor, he is responsible for the design, configuration, and technical support for all energy storage systems, as well as playing a key role in product development. He has experience in designing small 3 kW/3 kWh single phase systems through to 60 kW/130 kWh three-phase systems. With his high level of technical expertise, Jonothan has a major input into R&D projects and product testing schedule. In his spare time, he is an avid chilli farmer who loves to throw himself off rocks and cliffs into the sea.

What’s so unique about Wattstor?


Specialist knowledge is our most prized resource as it is the foundation for developing the high-end products and services we are known for. This principle is prevalent at all levels of our company, and it drives hiring and promotion policies, as well as manufacturing procedures.


Sustainable sources of energy are not just an alternative, they are clearly a necessity if we are to avoid irreparable pollution. Wattstor has been quick to recognise this simple fact, and our entire business model is built around the inevitability of a worldwide clean energy system in the near future.


We never cut corners or pinch pennies as we are absolutely dedicated to uncompromising quality. The Wattstor brand is synonymous with excellent service and attention to detail, while our relationships with customers are based on mutual respect.


Wattstor has long advocated the reduction of tax rates on energy storage, participating in our dialogue with the government and various industry leaders. We continue to play an active role in the quest to reform legislation regulating within the UK energy sector.


One of our beliefs is that every service can be improved, inspiring us to constantly work on new projects and move the bar even higher.

With a few details about your home or business, we can illustrate the potential savings on your Energy spend.

Wattstor are award-winning experts in the design and installation of bespoke renewable energy systems for both domestic and commercial customers.