What’s so unique about Wattstor?


Our passion for a sustainable planet drives all that we do at Wattstor, including our recruitment and retention strategies which ensures all staff have the specialist knowledge to help our customers achieve their net zero goals.


Sustainable energy sources is no longer an esoteric alternative, it is a critical success factor in achieving net zero by 2050 (UK goal). Some local governments have declared a climate emergency and goals to achieve net zero as soon as 2030. Something radical is required. Our technology is designed to support the move to a renewable, distributed energy economy with systems that manage energy dynamically according to the need to generate, store, sell or use the available energy. The technology optimises the use of precious renewable energy and minimises imported power from the grid.


Our purpose is to reshape the use of energy for businesses and our planet. We want to help the world reach net zero and improve people’s lives by upholding our own values and deploying our great technology. We will help customers dramatically reduce their carbon in their operations and contribute to growth in the new low carbon economy with innovative products and services. We don’t have all the answers and so we will create solutions through carefully selected partnerships. We will listen to our customers and work with others to achieve net zero. We want to be an energy technology company with purpose; one that is trusted by society, valued by shareholders and motivating for everyone who works at Wattstor. We believe we have the experience and expertise, the relationships and the reach, the skill and the will, to do this.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support the shift to a low carbon economy. We believe that everybody should have access to clean, carbon free energy in a cost effective way. Our technology is built to deliver this mission.

Our Expertise

Globally we are closing the chapter on fossil fuels. Already the UK has seen the end of oil power generation and by 2025, coal will be a fuel of the past. As the electrification of the economy continues, the inexorable growth in renewable energy will accelerate. The growth in renewable energy will bring growth in intermittency and in turn this will inevitably mean a growth in battery energy storage systems and effective real time energy management systems such as those developed by Wattstor.
We are experts in helping clients, operators, developers and residents design and install successful renewable energy storage systems. We can help clients through the complex design conundrums and system configurations required to provide a reliable, smooth, undisturbed energy flow.

Our Products

The core of all our products is the energy management unit, the iMP. This is an adaptable technology that can be configured to meet a vast range of energy management challenges in a cost effective way. The core drive is decide in near real time whether to store, use or sell renewable energy. The iMP drives world class energy management practices to reduce energy consumption whilst meeting the future energy needs of your business. Its flexibility means that it can also be used for energy monitoring and reporting across a wide range of assets, providing ESOS support and site or asset level benchmarking. Our battery energy storage systems (BESS) is developed to enable a range of energy storage strategies from home solutions to industrial support. The Wattbooster is designed to support ultra-rapid EV charging, a vast and growing market. Wattbooster does this by providing a boost in energy from a battery system, particularly in grid constrained areas.

With a few details about your home or business, we can illustrate the potential savings on your energy spend.

Wattstor is an award winning company with expertise in the design and development of renewable energy management processes for industrial and commercial customers.