Each of our products has been developed with a practical purpose in mind, which is why they have a broad range of possible applications. All of our products have been extensively tested and perform well in a vast range of environments.

Please take a few minutes to learn the most important features of the patented technology that is at the heart of our B2B and B2C solutions:


  • Very energy efficient
  • Peak Shaving
  • Ideal for home and commercial
  • Avoids high tariff zones
  • Online dashboard
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Smart analysis


  • On grid/off grid capacity
  • Single phase or 3-phase system
  • New or retrofitted installation
  • Easy to install
  • Parallel operation up to 180 kVA
  • Battery capacity up to 80kWH/400 kWH

Wattstor FAQs

Do I need solar PV or another renewable energy system to take advantage of a Wattstor solution?

Yes, the WATTSTOR™ system saves electricity generated by your PV or other renewables systems for later use rather than exporting it to the grid.

How does the WATTSTOR™ work?

The WATTSTOR™ detects when power is being exported from the property. When this happens it will firstly supply your domestic loads (washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers etc.) and when these are satisfied it will then divert the surplus renewable power to charge the batteries. If there is still surplus power available this will be diverted to the immersion heater in a hot water tank to provide FREE hot water. When there is no renewable power being generated, the batteries will supply power to your property.

How much electricity can I store in the batteries?

Wattstor can provide a range of battery solutions. Our most commonly installed systems can have a capacity from 2.5kWh up to 80kWh. A typical household is likely to use between 5kWh and 10kWh from sunset to sunrise.

How long is the warranty on a WATTSTOR™ system?

Our warranty periods can vary depending on the type of system being installed, but as standard, most products come with a minimum warranty period of 5 years. This can be increased to 10 years for a small fee.

How much electricity do I need to consume to make a WATTSTOR™ worth installing?

This depends not just on your usage but also when the electricity is consumed. Generally, a household consuming more than 4000kWh per year which is typically unoccupied during the day would benefit from a WATTSTOR™ solution. All properties are different and a WATTSTOR™ system can be tailor-made to suit.

What happens when the batteries are full and I’m still generating electricity?

When the batteries are full and hot water tank is up to temperature, any surplus electricity is then sent to the grid. This can be avoided by adding additional batteries.

What happens if there is a power cut?

If configured to do so, The WATTSTOR™ system will continue to supply electricity to your home until the batteries are exhausted. However, your PV or other renewable energy systems will still be able to generate electricity and can be used to supply your appliances and recharge the batteries. Without a WATTSTOR™ system, your renewable energy system would shut down.

Can I increase the storage capacity?

Yes, the available storage can be increased in multiples of 2.5kWh for our most common system.

Where can the WATTSTOR™ be installed?

The WATTSTOR can be located in any covered area, e.g. garage, utility room, external housing. Ideally, it should be sited as close as possible to the electricity meter or consumer unit. The Wattstor surveyor will be able to advise you.

Will I lose any FiT (Feed in Tariff) income?

No. For renewable systems up to 30kW capacity (90% of UK systems), the amount you export to the grid is not metered so no income will be lost.

With a few details about your home or business, we can illustrate the potential savings on your Energy spend.

Wattstor are award-winning experts in the design and installation of bespoke renewable energy systems for both domestic and commercial customers.