Meet ETLUK, Wattstor’s latest distributor

Renewable energy is the business of the future, but for companies like Energy Technology (ETLUK) that future is already here. ETLUK is a leading innovator dedicated to smart, energy-saving solutions that are well suited to serve our society as the need for clean energy becomes even more obvious. The company has considerable technological expertise under its roof, but more importantly it follows a long-term vision to become a leading provider of smart energy technology in the United Kingdom. Thats why the Wattstor family are excited to be working in partnership with them.

As a grassroots British company with offices in London as well as Midlands, ETLUK understands the needs of the local energy market. They are constantly communicating with their key stakeholders – including consumers, investors and regulators – in a quest to design solutions that bring improvements for all of those groups. Rather than chasing the latest hype, they are searching for sustainable, affordable and dependable solutions that can truly make energy management smart.

It’s not too hard to understand the advantages of a smart energy system over a traditional grid. Remote access to every device in the network allows for optimisation of energy consumption, as the devices that are not in current use can be switched off automatically. Collecting data about energy usage can also be helpful to system planners, allowing them to foresee the consumption more precisely and minimise waste. Sophisticated energy saving solutions based on smart technology can slash the bills and preserve energy for future use without compromising the performance of the system in any way.

Another dimension afforded by ETLUK solution is the possibility to utilise renewable sources when they are available. Households or enterprises that already own energy generating equipment can take advantage of this technology to coordinate the inflow of energy from various sources and take full advantage of self-produced power. In that sense, investing in their solutions represents a great chance to derive more value from the technology already deployed at the site.

ETLUK covers the full range of residential and professional solutions that can easily be scaled to fit the needs of every particular client. The company provides expert assistance throughout the process and facilitates faster and more cost-efficient realisation of ambitious energy-saving projects.

That means clients can count on them for as long as assets installed remain in use. This flexible and customer-centric model is at the heart of ETLUK’s business philosophy, and it serves as guidance for all of its future business activities.

Meet ETLUK, Wattstor’s latest distributor